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Furniture manufacturers for beauty centers.

We are manufacturers of furniture for beauty centers.

We have been operating for over 10 years in Europe and Germany, our experience has led us to focus in particular on the nail technician sector, giving rigorous attention to missing market details, creating a line of specific tables for this sector.

Our products are made in a manufacturing area of Germany and combine the German quality in the innovative production technologies with the unmistakable Italian design.

We have achieved the completeness of our products with rigorous attention to every detail in every single phase of creation and research of the materials we offer on the Italian and international market.

NAILTABLEDESIGN designs simplicity that improves life and the environment in which we work.

For this reason, the inspiration of each product is thought for high performance and design solutions interpretating the concepts of simplicity of use, robustness, safety and comfort in an innovative way.


We have dedicated a part of the research and development department to the design and production of a new line of fine dust extractors that are formed in the working environment for nail technicians and dental technicians, with people at heart. We select the best performing materials such as aluminum and solid technical components that create a real guaranteed suction system. For this reason, each individual product is subjected to a thorough fitness check and kept in the test rooms and laboratories of the company.

As a further guarantee of maximum safety, the vacuum cleaners are all tested before being released onto the market.

Weitere Infos auf www.nailtabledesign.com

Besuchen Sie uns in Halle 20 am Stand H125.

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